Gates / Security

Automated Gates and Intercoms

Here at West Perth Electrical we can offer a gate automation service where we can either install a whole new set of gates of your choice or we can modify your existing gates and fully automate them. We can install intercoms into your property and key access pads to control your gates also.

We can install boom gates also with a card reader to only allow your employees in and  keep you car park secure.

Alarm Systems / CCTV

When it comes to keeping you property secure and safe we can install a Alarm system with the latest sensing devices which will pick up any movement in your property also door and window sensing devices. We can put panic buttons in various places that will set the system of straight away. This system can be linked to your phone line and can ring your mobile if system is triggered.

For extra protection we can install a HD CCTV system which will pick up any movement around or inside your property. This can be all saved onto a large hard drive for you to look over and can also view from you mobile with a app.